• Cara Clements

10 Habits of Successful Women

Updated: Apr 1

Behind every single successful woman is herself. The power and pull of habits can be an insanely powerful thing. In today’s day and age, we are surrounded by strong, bold women, all of whom know how to harness habits to work in their favor. As I sit here in a cafe on a cold Wednesday afternoon, I have decided that it is about time I got my life together. I have analyzed the habits of successful women around me and have come up with a list of 10 things that successful women do differently than most women – 10 habits that make determined women even more successful.

She makes time for herself

Successful women always find time to take care of themselves on a daily basis. Whether it means working out for an hour a day or taking a bubble bath at the end of the night, you must make time for yourself. Do whatever makes you feel happy. Once you start to understand yourself better and develop a positive attitude about yourself and the future, success will be within your reach.

She challenges herself

Life is about challenging yourself and overcoming your fears. You will not find success if you remain in your comfort zone your entire life. You need to allow yourself to experience the world, both the safe and scary parts of it. Challenge yourself and watch yourself grow. You’ll get a better understanding of the world; thus, you’ll be better equipped to conquer it like the girlboss you are.

She educates herself

Knowledge is power. Success is not granted to those that put in minimal time and effort when it comes to getting work done and making progress. Take the time to educate yourself and allow yourself to reach and surpass your potential for knowledge.

She understands guilt, acknowledges it, and moves on

We are human. It is inevitable for us to make mistakes. Throughout your life, you’re going to be making a great deal of mistakes, some of which will end with you feeling a bit guilty. This is normal, we all go through it. Accept your mistake and move on, that’s the only way you can allow yourself to grow.

She is financially savvy

Being successful doesn’t mean that you need to spend every penny in the bank. Managing your finances and knowing when to spend money and when to not is a skill you must acquire for yourself. Being savvy with your spending is a virtue that is essential should you desire to be successful.

She smiles

You’d be surprised as to how much a smile can say about you. It makes you look more friendly and approachable, which are qualities that a woman must have should she desire to be successful. So remember to greet everyone you meet with a warm smile, you never know whose day it will make.

She can step away from her job and have a life outside her workplace

It is incredibly important to understand that you have a life outside work. Getting addicted to working on your career and achieving your goals, all while forgetting that you have friends and family to tend to, is an easy grind to fall into. Successful women understand this divide and work their way around it. They set certain times in the day for work and certain times to spend with their loved ones. Find that happy medium and balance your life.

She sets goals for herself and follows through with them

This is one of the most important steps to finding success. Sit down one day and write out a list of everything you would like to accomplish within a week, a month, and a year. After that, draft a game plan as to how you plan on getting yourself to where you would like yourself to be. Keep your goals in mind every day and work a little towards them every day. Creating goals for yourself is one thing, but actually following through with them is what defines a successful woman.

She celebrates wins, both big and small

In life, you’re gonna face wins and losses. While facing the losses is going to suck, celebrating the wins will feel great, no matter how big or small they are. Celebrate yourself and your success. You deserve it. You’ve worked hard to achieve everything that you have and that should not go unnoticed. In fact, acknowledging your wins will motivate and drive you to seek even more success. Use it as fuel to follow your dreams.

She helps others through selfless acts of kindness

Helping others while expecting nothing in return is a defining factor between those that are successful at the core versus those that are successful at the surface. Aiding others in achieving their success will improve your character and help you feel better about yourself. Seeing others gain happiness from their wins will give you a sense of fulfilment and inspire you to continue shooting for the stars.

What habits are you going to work on improving next in order to be successful?



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