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2019 Prom Dress Trends as Seen at Atlanta Fashion Week

Updated: Apr 1

Tips for attending Atlanta Mart Fashion Week:

1. Look your best walking into the shows.

This doesn’t mean wearing a cocktail dress and your strappiest heels. Wear something that will catch the eye of the everyone outside the shows. Who knows? You might end up in a feature of a specific show.

2. Wear stylish but comfortable shoes.

You probably will be doing more walking than you are used to.

3. Be prepared for longer than usual Uber wait times. With that being said, bring an extra cell phone battery or portable charger.

You’ll be taking lots of photos and videos, and the last thing you need is for your phone to die!

4. Schedule a photo shoot while you’re in town.

Add some fashion content to your blog or Instagram with an ATL backdrop.

5. Stay hydrated!

After all the running around and cocktails, you may forget to drink water, which will end up showing through on your skin.

6. Don’t forget to have fun.

Remember that each fashion show varies in length, with some being much longer than others. Choose your shows wisely, and take it all in!

As winter comes to a close, prom season is officially upon us. My prom days may be long over, but that doesn't mean I can't keep y'all updated on the latest and greatest trends I see during fashion weeks across the country!

While you have some time to find an outfit, the search can quickly get overwhelming. After all, there are hundreds of options out there, from glamorous ball gowns to sleek and sexy dresses. To help you get started, I took notes while modeling at Atlanta Fashion Week 2019 World of Prom, and decided to share the top prom-dress styles people have been recently searching for.

Here are 8 prom dress trends you'll see everywhere this year.

1. Off the Shoulder

2. Animal Print

3. Feathers

4. A-line Silhouettes

5. Edgy Strapless Tops

6. Electric Blue Gowns

7. Deep V-Necks

8. Dainty, Romantic Dresses

Now that you know what's coming into style for prom this year, what are you going to be shopping for??



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