5 Life-Changing Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Updated: Apr 1

When it comes to beauty, we’ve all got a few tricks up our sleeve. Whether it’s the baby-powder-as-dry-shampoo trick you picked up from your bestie or the secret hot-roller technique your mom passed down, a well-mastered hack can help you escape many a beauty emergency unscathed. To supplement your ever-broadening arsenal of beauty tricks (and to save you from leaving the house feeling frazzled), I'm sharing my TOP 5 life-changing beauty hacks I think every woman—no matter your age, location, or mastery of life—should know!

1. At-Home Eyebrow and Lash Tinting

While I love a good brow product, about a year ago I discovered the ultimate in semipermanent beauty: eyebrow and lash tinting. Almost instantly it lends the appearance of thicker, darker, more robust arches (hello, #browgoals) by dyeing both the hairs and the skin underneath. For someone with naturally blonde hair, I legitimately look like I lack eyebrows (and eyelashes) if I do not fill them in; this solved ALL of my invisible brow woes!!

After watching a bunch of videos on brow tinting, I was shocked to see that this extremely quick and simple practice costs upwards of $35 at salons, only for the hue to fade within two weeks. So, I ended up taking my brow game into my own hands... literally. A friend of mine—with really amazing brows—once told me that she uses mustache dye to tint her eyebrows herself instead of booking pro jobs.

Considering a box of mustache dye costs less than $10 and you can use it for up to seven or eight applications, it seemed worth a try. Plus... it fades in two weeks tops if I didn't like the way it looked! Well GOD BLESS my friend for the recommendation, because I’ve now been doing it regularly for over a year, and I've found that doing my own eyebrow & lash tinting every couple of weeks is so much easier, effective, and wallet-friendly. There’s no travel time to a salon involved, no wait while at the salon, and I can dye my brows at 1:00 A.M. on a Friday night while binge-watching Netflix and brushing my teeth (Friday night goals, am I right?).

Want to get all DIY on your brows? All you need is 10 minutes and a few simply supplies! You’ll need a timer, Vaseline, Cotton Swabs, and the Just For Men Mustache & Beard Bye Kit in your desired shade (Just for Men Brush-in Color Gel for Mustache & Beardwhich comes with dye, developer, a brush, gloves, and a mini tray).

2. Extending the Life of Dried Out Mascara

There is nothing like dry or clumpy mascara clogging up your lashes to ruin your day before it’s begun.

Thankfully, if this is a daily irritation for you, then I may just have a DIY solution.

BUT first… What actually causes mascaras to dry out?


Sadly all mascara’s have an expiration date…which is only around three months!! It’s important to get rid of mascara’s that are older than this for hygiene reasons. Otherwise you might expose your eyes to bacteria and possible eye infections – NO THANKS! A tell tale sign (apart from the 3 month rule) that your mascara is an ‘old gal‘, is looking at the bristles – are they worn out with little product on them? And is the texture different than when you bought it, or maybe it’s not waterproof anymore – then your mascara is officially OLD! BUT, sometimes mascara’s can dry out before their ‘time’ is up – and this is where I hope to help!

Over pumping:

This can cause mascaras to dry out quicker than their shelf life! Too much air seeps into the tube and oxidizes the mascara, causing it to dry out faster. So next time, instead of pumping the wand, try twisting the mascara in the tube. This could help prolong the LIFE-span of your mascara!

Not fully shutting the mascara:

Leaving the mascara open (even just a little bit!), can let air and heat into the mascara, causing it to evaporate and dry up. ALWAYS make sure you tightly seal the mascara as much as best you can!

To get started, put 5-6 drops of contact solution or saline into your dry or clumpy mascara. 

Then, close the lid and shake to allow all of the solution to access all of the mascara. Wait about 5 minutes, then test your product! If it still needs more help, then fill a mug with water and put in the microwave for three minutes. After the water is heated, place your mascara tube into the warm water and let sit for about five minutes. Your mascara should now be as good as new and clump-free!

3. More Vibrant Eyeshadow

For most of us, pastel blue eyeshadow is something we'd like to leave behind in '80s and '90s. After all, brightly colored eye makeup is something that sounds distracting, over-the-top, and only for the really bold, right? Here's a surprise: That's totally wrong!

A pop of color is the easiest way to spice up an otherwise plain or neutral outfit. It demands head-turning attention while still looking put-together and chic. But what do you do when your idea of a bright eyeshadow look doesn't meet expectations? What happens when it turns out dull and not like that picture you saw on Pinterest??

For that bright makeup look, be sure to prime your whole eyelids with a white primer or eyeliner, which will ensure creases don't happen. Plus, the white background will make neon colors pop even more. Using wet brushes with powdered eyeshadows will also make the color be more vibrant. Yes, please! 

4. Make Your Perfume Last Longer

Have you wondered why the scent of your perfume only lasts for like two hours max before it starts to fade away? Hate to break it to you, but the answer is in exactly how (and where) you’re applying your perfume, and you’re probably doing it wrong. (I know, I’ve been there.)

If we told you that you’ve been applying your perfume wrong your entire life, you probably wouldn’t believe us. Just because it’s the way you’ve always seen it be applied – in countless movies, advertisements and inside every fragrance store – doesn’t mean it’s actually right. But if you’re spritzing your fragrance onto your wrists than pressing them together, you’re actually applying your perfume all wrong! By rubbing your skin together, you’ll disturb the top notes of the fragrance, which means it won’t last as long and the scent will be altered. Mind-blowing, right?

We know how much time, money, and effort it can take to find your perfect signature fragrance, so you really don’t want to waste a single drop. And for the record, just spray your fragrance and let it sink on your skin – whatever you do, DON’T DAB. Don’t stress, because there is a super quick and easy hack to keep you smelling amazing 24/7!

Applying Vaseline to your pulse points before spraying perfume helps create a sticky base - which will make the scent last all day. Apply to your wrists, neck, inner elbows, behind your knees and on your ankles for the best result.

5. Reduce Acne Redness

We all know that dreaded moment – it’s right before you have that important job interview, exciting date, or fun wedding, and you break out with an enormous pimple. And just like that, your confidence goes from all that, to barely there.

There’s a handy, last-minute, day-of remedy that might help take the edge off, and it’s not what you might expect. Visine, which you might know purely as an eye drop medication for redness, is said to work like a dream on unsightly pimples. By working to constrict blood vessels (just for a little while), the redness goes down, and you can relax just a little, knowing it’s not quite as visible as it might have been. It certainly beats smearing toothpaste all over it to try to reduce the oiliness (which, spoiler alert, might not even be doing you the good you think it is).

How do you do it? Soak up a cotton pad with Visine, hold it to the pimple for about a minute, and watch the red subside — at least a little bit.

What new beauty hacks are you going to try next??


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