Updated: Jul 4, 2019

This week, I have been planning and organizing events for one of my absolute favorite weeks of the entire year: CMNH Week!

Over the last few years, the Miss America Organization partnered with CMN Hospitals for Miss America Serves Day.  One of the challenges with Miss America Serves was it did not focus on CMN Hospitals across the board. In MAO's effort to better brand and message their national initiative, and to support one of their most valued partners, “Miss America Serves” is being retired. Instead all MAO titleholders will join with other CMNH partners in focusing our collective efforts on supporting their annual #ChildrensHospitalsWeek (March 18-24, 2019).

What is #ChildrensHospitalsWeek?

CMNH Week is all about helping kids and ensuring children’s hospitals have the funds they need to care for more than 10 million kids each year. Government and insurance programs do not begin to cover these costs; and donations are vital to children’s hospitals. This week-long campaign, March 18-24, includes various fundraising and awareness efforts, initiated by CMN Hospitals, member hospitals, and strategic partners to help shine the light on the importance of donations and celebrate the network of people dedicated to helping kids thrive. This is when the conversation around Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals gets loud, and CMN Hospitals has asked Miss America to join in! 

As Miss Rome, I challenged myself to get involved with this week in the best way possible; that means doing something each and every day in order to make a difference. From hosting spirit night fundraisers to directly visiting patients in local CMN Hospitals, my goal is to use CMNH Week to do what the job of Miss Georgia & Miss America should always be: to impact lives in the most positive light possible.

I will be posting updates on my weekly initiatives to all of my social media outlets, so stay tuned for ways that you can join forces with me & the Miss America Organization to aid CMNH! It's all #ForTheKids.


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