• Cara Clements

Essentials to Never Forget When Traveling

Updated: Apr 1

When traveling (especially from country to country), it's so easy to forget some go-to travel essentials! Once your outfits have been planned and packed, it's time to focus on the things—particularly those items you absolutely can't forget. Consider this your go-to checklist for any trip.

1. Wallet and Passport

You won't get very far without your wallet, and same goes for your passport on international trips. If you're prone to losing things, purchase a wallet-passport holder combo to keep them close. I love this affordable and travel-friendly pick from Amazon, which has slots for your cards, cash, passport, tickets, boarding pass, and more! Plus it comes in 24 different colors!

2. Phone charger and Adapter

A phone charger is a must for any trip, and if you're leaving the U.S., so is an adapter. Not all country's outlets are the same, so if you require power.... an adapter is essential!

3. Reusable Water Bottle

Avoid spending money on plastic water bottles at every stop by bringing along a reusable one!

4. Skincare Products

Vacation is no excuse to forgo your skin care routine — in fact, you'll want to keep it up even better to avoid breakouts and flare-ups caused by flights and new climates. If you're committed to the products you already own, pack them in these leakproof silicone travel bottles from Amazon.

5. Camera

Create long-lasting vacation memories by snapping better captures along the way (if you're like me, your iPhone camera roll gets way too clogged up with screenshots and food pics). The Canon 70D is my absolute favorite for travel pictures!

6. Walking Shoes

Even if you've already perfectly planned all the shoes to go with your outfits, throw in one extra pair of easy walking sneakers or flats. I promise you won't regret it when your feet start to blister from your sandals or heels.

7. Sunglasses

Spending lots of time outdoors? Be prepared with sunnies!

8. Headphones

You'll want a heavy-duty pair of headphones for your flight, and I recommend a pair with high battery life!

9. Weather-Dependent Items

Check the forecast before you go, and pack accordingly. The Fidus Mini Umbrella is perfect for rainy travel (& comes in a ton of colors)!

What else would YOU add to your travel list???



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