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How to Keep Your White Shoes WHITE!

Updated: Apr 1

Who doesn't love a pair of fresh white sneakers??? We all do! But keeping them clean sometimes seems like an impossible task. Of course, it’s not; white shoes are bound to get dirty. Luckily, though, there are plenty of things you can do to keep yours looking new.

Shoe care brand Crep Protect offers a number of products to help keep your sneakers looking their best. The brand's shoe spray is meant to repel water damage and stains, while their cleaning kit can be used to get rid of the stains that do show up. Judging by this video, I'd say it's definitely promising.

I also LOVE Mr. Clean wipes and Magic Erasers, but if you don't have anything like that on hand, take a washrag and dip it in vinegar from your pantry. Rub gently to remove small stains. Voilà!

Another go-to is to take an old toothbrush, and dip it in a combo of warm water and Dawn Dish Soap. This trick will eliminate dirt spots in hard-to-reach places. Scrub gently!

You might be tempted to just toss your white laces in the washing machine—tsk-tsk! Instead, hand-wash them in warm water with gentle soap and let them air-dry. And if they're looking REALLY bad.... let them soak in a mixture of bleach and warm water. Bye-bye stains!

Your shoes might be a bit damp after you're done cleaning them; to help them dry faster, put crumpled-up paper towels inside the shoes. They'll absorb excess moisture and help the shoes dry more rapidly.

With these hacks in your back pocket, go forth fearlessly in your white sneakers. Because now you'll always know how to keep them in mint condition.



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