• Cara Clements

How to Wear Statement Belts

Updated: Apr 1

It's officially fall here in the south, and my favorite thing about the fall season is STYLE! And let me tell you what, statement belts make all fall styles 100% better!

Statement belts give your outfits a whole new look. They add a different dimension to outfits that you may have considered dull or outdated. With these stylish accessories cinching in at your waist, your figure will be nicely accentuated. Statement belts make your waist look narrower and your hips look wider, no matter what you’re wearing. You can pair them with a classic maxi dress, a plain blouse, or even a jumpsuit! The new trend includes bands with elaborate buckles, wide corset belts, fun & funky prints, and even belts that are tied like large ribbons. There are so many options to choose from, and because these handy belts can be added to almost any outfit, you can have a lot of fun playing around with the combinations this season.

Let these belts enhance your curves and show off your figure; you’ll have a fresh new silhouette to flaunt. Scroll through this post to see some of my personal favorite statement belt ideas!!

1. White:

2. Pop Color:

3. Fabric:

4. Animal Print:

Whatever your fall style, there is a statement belt to perfectly match! What belt are you adding to your wardrobe next??



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