Rock Your #EndTheStigma Swag!

Updated: Apr 1

Y'all!! Friends!! Wowza!!

So, my t-shirt campaign ended last night, and I just went to see how much we raised for NAMI (The National Alliance on Mental Illness), and we surpassed my goal with this fundraiser! Thank you so much!! With your help, I raised over $240 for NAMI Georgia, and I couldn't be more grateful for such a caring community of friends and family who supported this cause with me. We don't do enough to actively support mental health in the state of Georgia (let alone across the nation), but we're getting there... one step (or one t-shirt campaign) at a time!!

The mission of NAMI is to empower affiliates to create communities where all affected by mental illnesses can find hope, help, and acceptance through SUPPORT, EDUCATION and ADVOCACY. A new statistic that was just released in NAMI's yearly fact sheet library states that

37% of students with a mental health condition at age 14+ drop out of school—the highest dropout rate of any disability group.

This statistic is so disheartening to read, and just another reason why mental health advocacy is so incredibly important. The publishing of these statistics gives me hope that my initiatives to bring mental health education and support into all Georgia public schools will be fully implemented with the support of not only our local and state governments, but the parents, teachers, and student who make up each local school system in our state.

NAMI is here to bring awareness, support, and active resources to those who have been affected by mental illness, and again, I am just so so grateful that so many of you are willing to open up your hearts to this cause!

If you ordered a "Be Your Own Beautiful" t-shirt, they will be shipping out in the next week– I can't wait to see y'all rocking your #EndTheStigma swag! ❤️


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