The Conchi Natural Pool

Updated: Apr 1

Aruba's Natural Pool, also known as “Conchi” in Papaimiento, is a small, naturally occurring pool on the rugged, rocky, volcanic coastline. Located in Arikok National Park, getting here is half the fun and adds an element of adventure to your vacation. If you want to take a break from sipping tropical drinks in the shade of a palm tree, consider a visit to the Natural Pool.

There are two ways to get to Natural Pool. The most common way is to enter Arikok National Park and drive yourself with a vehicle that has GREAT 4WD (we used a jeep). This is a tricky road to drive so don’t underestimate it! The second way to get to Natural Pool is to drive to Daimari Beach and hike to the Pool from here. I drove the off-road path in a jeep all the way down to the pool – it was a great experience (lots of laugh + lots of fun)!

Getting to Daimari Beach

Accessing the Natural Pool from Daimari Beach requires you to enter Arikok National Park from an unauthorized access. There is a fee to enter the park ($11 per person as of November 2019, children under 17 years old are free), but there is no ticket booth or park ranger at the Daimari Beach entrance. Therefore, you should visit the Arikok National Park visitor center first, pay your fee, and then drive out to Daimari Beach. It is a seven minute drive between the visitor center and the start of the dirt road that takes you out to Daimari Beach.

The road to Daimari Beach is a rough, dirt road lined with cacti. This part of Aruba looks nothing like the western side, with its long, white sandy beaches and resorts. Getting to see this side of Aruba is one of the best parts of making this excursion.

To drive this road, a 4×4 is ideal. I would not recommend making this drive in a sedan or smaller car as there are several steep hills and the roads are rutted and very rough. You don’t want to risk getting stranded out here! Before leaving your hotel, put Daimari Beach and the Arikok National Park visitor center into Google Maps. Cache this route on your phone and follow this map to drive from the visitor center to Daimari Beach (or if you want to have even more fun.... just follow the native road signs!).

The dirt road ends on top of a hill, overlooking Rancho Daimari. Park your car at the top of the hill. From here, you can see Daimari Beach!

Hiking to the Natural Pool

Below is a map of the route from Daimari Beach to Conchi.

Walk down the steep dirt road, pass Rancho Daimari, and enter Arikok National Park. Follow the wide, dirt trail out to the coastline. If you like, you can make a detour to Daimari Beach. It’s a pretty spot and most likely you will have it all to yourself. The water here is extremely rough, so it is not a spot to go swimming. Plus, the beach is littered with kelp. You can make this a quick visit or just keep going. The next beach is phenomenal!

Follow the trail south along the coast. You will hike up a huge sand dune that is blinding in its brilliance on a sunny day. From the top of this dune, the view opens open to the most spectacular view of this hike. This second beach is a beauty.

Feel free to linger here or continue on the Natural Pool. You’re not too far away now. To continue on the trail, walk across the beach, picking up the trail on the other side. The terrain changes yet again. Now, the coastline is lined with jagged, black volcanic rock. It’s windy, it’s warm, it’s Aruba! One of the best parts about doing this hike is to see how much the landscape changes in just a short distance.

Once you get to Conchi.... ENJOY! This is truly a natural wonder, and one of my absolute favorite parts of visiting Aruba. Be sure to bring water shoes, or shoes you don't mind getting wet. The rocks at the natural pool are extremely slippery and potentially dangerous, so you want too ensure you are being safe!

Now that you know how to get to the natural pool, who's adding it to their bucket list???


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